Online Business Development | Offer & Launch Strategist

Delivering Your Vision To Your Audience

Everything you need to develop, launch, optimise, or grow
your online business and offers.

Online Business Development 
Offer & Launch Strategist

Delivering Your Vision To Your Audience

Everything you need to develop, launch, optimise, or grow
your online business and offers.

Create Impact

Working with coaches and service providers to create a visible online presence so that they can build their dream business and attract their ideal audience.

Specialising in online business development, sales funnels, product launches and online visibility for new and established businesses who want more brand awareness, automated sales and business growth.

We excel at creating and optimising a complete online presence, marketing strategy and launches for new or established businesses.

Online Visibility

What We Do

Creative Marketing Solutions for Holistic Coaches & Service Providers who are ready to launch their offers & digital products and grow their business online.

I can help you create an online business that is everything you envision:

  • Create your brand
  • Build your platforms
  • Optimise your online presence
  • Grow your audience
  • Increase visibility
  • Launch your offers
  • Deliver your vision
  • Develop & improve your systems

I do this by working with you one-on-one and on done-for-you projects:

  1. Business strategy & coaching
  2. Consulting & Teaching
  3. Online business development & marketing
  4. Course & offer creation & launch
  5. Sales Funnels
  6. Web design
  7. Systems & Tech set up
  8. List building & email marketing
  9. Pinterest & social media


VIP Experiences

Accelerate your business set up, launch or online project without the overwhelm and tech confusion. We are dedicated to only one project at a time with no other distractions to get it completed in a specific time (this could be one day or up to 2 weeks, depending on the project) so that we can deliver your vision to your audience fast with our Done For You VIP Project Experiences.

Choose from all one-off projects, including sales funnels, web design, high-ticket offer/application funnel & launch strategy, list building, Pinterest accounts, courses & membership sites,  systems & automation, social graphic templates, and full online business development.


Or improve your skills in marketing, design & business development and learn to do it yourself with our 1:1 VIP Learning Experiences.

Marketing & Visibility Framework

A profitable, impactful strategy, giving clarity on your ideal client, offers, messaging, vision, values and what makes you, your business or offers unique.

This program delivers a personalised operating system including optimised online presence, systems & lead generation marketing to get your online business operating efficiently, effectively and most important, visibly. Creating brand awareness & business growth. Connect your online business with your target audience.

Digital Launch Program

From an Idea to an Irresistible Offer.
Full product creation to a full launch strategy. This program is a complete solution to implementing a high-impact launch to your target audience. Everything you need for a successful launch. It’s a done-for-you pre-launch marketing system.

The Visibility Collective

This brand is a collection of creative marketing solutions, digital design and consulting to help small business owners & entrepreneurs get their businesses and offers visible online and in front of their ideal audience.

We provide proven strategies to generate consistent leads and grow your audience and improve online visibility so you can launch your course, program, offers, membership or new business to people who need your solution and are ready to buy the results you offer.


“Working with Gail at the Visibility Collective was a lifesaver!!!

Trying to start a new online business can be so overwhelming, particularly when it comes to the automation and technology platforms you need to set up and market your business. That’s where the Visibility Collective came in!

Gail helped me choose the best platform for my business, streamline my services, design and build my website, develop my sales and webinar funnels, and create clean, automated, and professional communications with leads and clients. 

What’s more? She saved me months of trial and error, research and attempting to build solo. Months that I now get to dedicate to growing my business!”

Amelia Geary

The page was so professional and well made that even I wanted to buy my own program by the time I finished reading it!

I highly recommend Gail from The Visibility Collective!  She built a professional sales funnel for my online business, as well as guided me through the full launch sequence for our initial product launch.  She is very easy to communicate with and is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of web design, sales funnels and product launches. She completely exceeded our expectations. The page was so professional and well made that even I wanted to buy my own program by the time I finished reading it!

She broke down the full launch into a step-by-step process and provided clear guidance along the way to ensure we were ready to launch on time and get our product on the market in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.  If you are looking to build a professional online sales funnel for your business, or launch a new product, you won’t go wrong with Gail!

Tammy Oldham

The LEAN Program

Gail led me through the process and clearly explained the process in layman’s terms

I have found Gail very professional and have used her services over the last couple of years including web design, product launch and brand awareness. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in digging deep to understand your business and its pain points. I am currently working with Gail to launch my online program. I would highly recommend Gail for your website development and sales funnels.

Katie Robertson Kelk

ECM Consulting

Our funnel systems you put in place are working really well and fit perfectly into our business model.

We’re now getting pretty well-qualified leads from prospective clients that have a clear understanding of what they’re wanting, they are much easier to quote and we seem to secure their booking more consistently.  A good indicator is that their email often starts with “Hi Danielle and thanks so much for following up . . .” when in fact it was the funnel system that did the work for us.

Tony & Danielle

Flaming Good