Streamline Your Student’s Learning Experience

Online Course Creation Services

Done-For-You Course Design & Setup

Streamline Your Student’s Learning Experience

Online Course Creation Services


Membership Course Design & Setup

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Welcome to your stress-free pathway to launching exceptional online courses. If you’re bursting with course ideas but bogged down by the technical and design side of things, I’ve got your back. Let’s focus on creating amazing learning experiences together, and I’ll handle the rest—from your course portal setup to designing a sales page that converts.

Why Choose Me for Your Course Creation Needs?

  • Zero Overwhelm: Leave the technicalities and design to me. You bring your expertise; I’ll make it shine online.
  • Engaging Learning Portals: Impress and engage your students with a beautifully designed course portal that reflects your unique brand.
  • Conversion-Ready Sales Pages: Get a sales page that tells your course’s story compellingly, designed to turn prospects into students.
  • Personalised Support: Your course deserves special treatment. Get tailored support that respects your unique vision and requirements.

Don’t let tedious tasks hold you back. Explore the range of Course Creation services below, each carefully created to meet your unique needs and goals.

online course creation services

Course Creation Services: Comprehensive Experience

Launch and elevate your online course with a service that covers every base. Ideal for passionate creators who desire both a captivating course presence and a streamlined, effective backend setup. This all-in-one package is designed to lift the burden of technicalities and design off your shoulders, letting you focus on what you do best—creating inspiring content.

What’s Included:

    • Content Upload: Seamlessly transfer your course material onto your chosen platform, ensuring your content is presented beautifully and intuitively.
    • Custom Branding: From logos to course portal themes, create a consistent visual identity that speaks volumes about your course’s quality.
    • Visual Engagement: Design engaging banners and thumbnails that make learners excited to click through and discover more.
    • Interactive Learning Materials: Enhance your course with interactive workbooks and resources, making learning not just informative but engaging.
    • Presentation Perfection: Get up to 20 lessons transformed with advanced slide designs, making each lesson visually appealing and pedagogically sound.
    • Email Engagement: Build and maintain excitement and connection with customised email workflows, from the welcome email to course completion.
    • Sales Page Success: Convert interest into enrolments with an optimised sales page, combining persuasive copywriting with your course’s unique value.

Investment: $2500

This Comprehensive Experience is tailored for course creators aiming for excellence with no compromise, providing a robust foundation and advanced features to make your online course stand out and succeed.

Online Course

Course Platforms Available:

  • FG Funnels – a complete business platform (highly recommended)  Get a 14-Day Free Trial
  • Teachable
  • Kajabi
  • WordPress with Your choice of Course Plugins 
  • ClickFunnels

Course Creation Services: Deluxe Experience

Elevate your course with the ultimate design and development package. It’s everything in the Comprehensive Experience, plus premium features for a truly exceptional student journey.

  • All features of the Comprehensive Experience
  • Premium interactive elements such as gamification and progress tracking to boost engagement
  • Customised PDF resources creation for an added personal touch
  • Advanced sales page design with persuasive, tailored copywriting
  • Full suite of email marketing, from hype-building pre-launch sequences to post-course follow-ups

Investment: $3500

Course Platforms Available:

  • FG Funnels – a complete business platform (highly recommended)  Get a 14-Day Free Trial
  • Teachable
  • Kajabi
  • WordPress with Your choice of Course Plugins 
  • ClickFunnels

Please note that these packages can be further customised based on individual requirements and preferences.

Kickstart Your Course with a Bang: Introducing the Visible Launch Framework

Dreaming of a course launch that doesn’t just whisper but roars? Say hello to the “Visible Launch Framework,” your all-in-one package designed to turn your course into the talk of the town. With a blend of my finest course design services and an 8-week bespoke launch campaign, I’m setting you up for more than just a launch; I’m igniting a movement.

Here’s a peek at what the Visible Launch Framework brings to the table:

  • Comprehensive Launch Campaign Management: Consider me your co-pilot in this launch adventure. From the initial strategy to the final execution, including email blasts, social media buzz, webinar funnels, and everything in between, I’ve got it all covered. You focus on your expertise; I’ll handle the launch logistics.
  • Pinpoint Audience Engagement: Connecting with the right audience is key. With strategies tailored to hook your ideal students, I’ll help carve out messages that resonate, creating a wave of excitement and anticipation for what’s to come.
  • Sales Conversion Mastery: Turning browsers into buyers is an art—and I’ve mastered it. From your sales page to launch materials, every element is fine-tuned to captivate, persuade, and convert. Your course won’t just be seen; it’ll be sought after.
  • Beyond the Launch Support: The magic doesn’t end post-launch. I stay by your side, analysing, advising, and tweaking to ensure the buzz turns into a lasting legacy. It’s not just about a successful launch day but sustaining that success into the future.

Ready for a course launch that’s not just successful but spectacular? The Visible Launch Framework is your ticket to not only launching your course but catapulting it to stellar success. Dive into a launch experience that’s meticulously planned, brilliantly executed, and wildly celebrated.

Let’s make your course the milestone event of your industry. Explore how with the Visible Launch Framework and take the first step towards legendary status.

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