Essential Online Business Services

Your one-stop-shop for accelerating your online business without the overwhelm or breaking the bank.

Essential Online Business Services


Your one-stop-shop for accelerating your online business without the overwhelm or breaking the bank.

The Essentials

Welcome to Essential Online Business Services, a select suite designed to amplify your online business with ease and affordability. If the digital marketing world feels overwhelming, you’re in the right place. These services are more than just solutions; they’re a pathway to peace of mind, freeing you up to focus on what you do best.

Explore the Social Media Power Pack, your go-to for a standout social media presence, offering both strategic guidance and eye-catching visuals. And don’t forget the Visibility Brand Boost, tailored to elevate your brand’s profile and engage customers effectively. The Email Marketing Starter Kit – a simple yet powerful way to kickstart your journey into the world of email marketing. This kit is perfect for laying the groundwork to build lasting customer relationships and grow your subscriber list.

Together, these essential services form a comprehensive toolkit to refine your online strategy and enhance your digital footprint, ensuring you’re well-equipped to thrive in the digital realm.

Looking for more insights? Check out my free guides and toolkits.

essential online business services

Kickstart your email marketing with the Email Marketing Starter Kit, a budget-friendly solution designed for businesses taking their first steps into the world of digital communication. Perfect for those who want to build relationships with their audience but aren’t sure where to start.

Why You Need This:

  • Launchpad for Your Email Marketing: Perfect for businesses new to email marketing, this starter kit is your launchpad. It simplifies the overwhelming task of starting from scratch, providing you with the foundational tools to begin engaging with your audience effectively.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Designed with budget-conscious businesses in mind, this kit offers an affordable way to step into email marketing without compromising on quality or effectiveness.
  • Time-Saving Setup: I take care of the initial setup and template design, saving you valuable time and effort. This means you can focus on crafting your message and running your business, rather than getting tangled up in technical details.
  • Grow Your Subscriber List: With the included lead magnet idea and strategy, you’ll have a solid starting point to grow your list of subscribers – a crucial asset for any online business.
  • Build Customer Relationships: Email marketing is more than just sending out newsletters; it’s about building relationships. This kit lays the groundwork for you to start those conversations and keep your audience engaged.
  • Scalable and Flexible: As your business grows, your email marketing can too. This starter kit sets you up with a system that’s ready to expand and evolve with your business.

What You Get: 

  • Platform Setup: I’ll set up your email marketing platform, ensuring it’s ready to go.
  • Basic Template Design: Creation of a simple, yet effective email template that reflects your brand.
  • Lead Magnet Idea: Assistance in brainstorming an engaging lead magnet to grow your subscriber list.
  • Introductory Email Sequence: Crafting a basic welcome email sequence to introduce new subscribers to your brand.
  • Getting Started Guide: A simple guide on how to use the platform and best practices for engaging with your audience.
  • Lead Magnet Canva Templates Bundle: This collection of professionally designed templates will help you create stunning lead magnets effortlessly. Whether you’re offering an eBook, checklist, or a how-to guide, these templates are designed to grab attention and grow your subscriber list.

The Email Marketing Starter Kit is an essential tool for any business looking to establish a strong, effective, and manageable email presence. It’s about making smart, strategic moves without the stress or the hefty price tag.

Your Investment: Only $197 AUD

Transform Your Social Media: Strategic Insights & Captivating Visuals

Step up your social media game with the Social Media Power Pack – your all-in-one solution for a standout online presence. Whether you’re grappling with Instagram or puzzling over Pinterest, this pack is your ticket to a more engaging, visually stunning social media profile. Plus, I’ve thrown in a collection of tailor-made graphics that are sure to turn heads and get your audience talking.

Are you…

  • Inconsistent or off-brand visuals that fail to capture attention?
  • Struggling with the time-consuming process of creating visually appealing posts?

If you’ve been pulling your hair out trying to create graphics that both reflect your brand and engage your audience, this service is your saving grace. No more fretting over the right colours, fonts, or formats. Your custom graphics are a click away.

Why You Need This:

Navigating social media shouldn’t feel like you’re lost in a maze. With this Power Pack, you’ll not only master the art of online engagement but also express your brand’s unique personality with every post. Say goodbye to bland, forgettable content and hello to a social media presence that’s as vibrant and dynamic as your business.

Get custom templates tailored for your brand, designed to be effortlessly edited in Canva, ensuring you can adapt and use them time and time again.

What You Get:

  • Social Media Health Check: Dive deep into your Instagram or Pinterest to uncover what hits the mark and what needs a tweak.
  • Tailored Content Calendar: A one-month plan of attack for your posts, created specially for your business needs.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Straight-up advice to boost your online interactions and visibility.
  • Custom Graphics Kit: A set of 20 Instagram & Facebook templates, 10 Instagram Story templates, 5 Instagram Highlights, and an Instagram Carousel set – all designed just for you and editable in Canva.
  • Researched Hashtags: Up to 100 hashtags to get your posts the attention they deserve.
  • Social Media Profile Checklists: For Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to ensure your profiles are sharp and engaging.
  • Bonus Galore: 300 Quote Card Templates and 4 Profile Link Landing Page Templates, because everyone loves a little extra!


Your Investment: Only $297 AUD

Eager to transform your social media from average to amazing? Jump into the Social Media Power Pack and let’s bring some serious flair to your online presence!

Your Custom Brand Awareness & Marketing Ideas Guide.

Let’s face it, standing out in today’s online world can feel like trying to be heard at a rock concert. That’s where the Visibility Brand Boost comes in.

Think of it as your secret weapon for cutting through the noise and making your mark. This isn’t just another generic list of marketing tips. Nope. It’s a custom-crafted guide packed with creative strategies and real-world ideas tailored just for your business.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just entering the online arena, this guide tackles the essential dilemmas you may face—especially when you’re stuck on increasing brand awareness, gaining online visibility, or strategising your next business growth move.

Plus, I’m adding a twist – gathering feedback from your clients without any awkwardness. It’s like having an honest chat with your customers, but I do all the legwork. You get to sit back, relax, and watch those golden insights roll in.

Why You Need This:

Forget about throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. The Visibility Brand Boost is your roadmap to a brand that’s not just visible, but unforgettable. And with my nifty feedback tool, you’ll know exactly what your customers think and want, making your next move a surefire hit.

What You Get: 

  • Custom-Tailored Marketing Ideas: A list of fresh, actionable strategies designed specifically for your brand, so you can stop the guesswork.
  • Branding Boosters: A selection of ideas aimed to elevate your brand’s presence.
  • Straightforward Content Prompts: Whether it’s newsletters or blogs, you’ll never be stuck for words again.
  • Social Media Made Easy: Get ready to roll post concepts that’ll make your brand pop on various social media platforms.
  • Customer Interaction Pointers: Tips for streamlining customer interactions while keeping the personal touch.
  • Visibility Hacks: Little nuggets of wisdom to give your online presence that extra edge.
  • Fast Feedback Automator Integration: (Optional) Automated system to gather customer feedback seamlessly, providing you with valuable insights to further refine your brand and marketing efforts.
  • Tailored Feedback Strategy: Personalised email templates and optimised timing for feedback collection, ensuring valuable and authentic customer reviews.
  • Feedback Analysis: I’ll show you how to use the feedback to tweak your strategies, so your brand keeps getting better and better.
  • Bespoke Brainwaves: Unlock a treasure trove of unique ideas and strategies, personally brainstormed to elevate your brand’s distinct charm.

Your Investment: Only $197 AUD

Ready to turn the spotlight on your brand and create a buzz with your audience? Dive right in and discover the magic of the Visibility Brand Boost. Just click here to get started and make your brand the talk of the town!

Looking for Just the Fast Feedback Automator? I’ve got you covered! If you’re specifically interested in streamlining your customer feedback process without the full suite of brand visibility strategies, the Fast Feedback Automator is the perfect fit. It’s simple, efficient, and incredibly effective at gathering the insights you need to grow your business.

Book the Fast Feedback Automator here to get started on enhancing your customer engagement and building a stronger, more responsive brand.


Custom Packages

Do you have specific business needs that aren’t covered by my other services? Let’s create a custom package that’s tailored to your unique goals and challenges.

Ready to take the next step? Book a free strategy call today and let’s chat about how I can help you achieve your business goals!

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