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Business Set Up + Launches + Done For You

Course Creation



Empower Your Course Creation Journey and Amplify Your Impact

Your Jounrney

Welcome, visionary course creator! If you’re passionate about sharing your knowledge and transforming lives through online courses, you’re in the right place. At The Visibility Collective, I specialise in supporting course creators like you with a range of personalised services and solutions.
Let’s unlock your full potential and make your course creation journey a remarkable success.

Unlock Your Course Creation Potential

Crafting Irresistible Courses: Turn your expertise into an engaging and transformative learning experience. I will guide you through the course creation process, ensuring your content is structured, captivating, and designed to deliver real results.

Engaging Multimedia Integration: Make your courses come alive with captivating visuals, interactive elements, and engaging multimedia. From videos to interactive quizzes, I’ll help you create a dynamic learning environment that keeps your students motivated and eager to learn.

Amplify Your Course’s Reach and Impact

Strategic Marketing & Promotion: Unlock the full potential of your course with my strategic marketing and launch program. I’ll collaborate to develop a tailored marketing plan that leverages various channels to attract your ideal audience, generate buzz, and drive enrollments.

Sales Funnel Optimisation: Maximise your conversions and drive sales with a finely-tuned sales funnel. I will create and optimise each step of the funnel, from lead generation to nurturing and conversion, ensuring you have a streamlined and highly effective system in place.

Personalised Support for Course Creators

Customised Solutions for Your Unique Vision: Every course creator has a unique vision and set of requirements. I offer personalised solutions tailored to your specific goals, helping you bring your vision to life and achieve the impact you desire.

Comprehensive Training & Coaching: Gain invaluable insights and expert guidance through my comprehensive training and coaching programs. From course design to marketing strategies, I’ll equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel as a successful course creator.

Let’s Collaborate and Create Something Extraordinary

One-on-One Collaboration: I believe in the power of collaboration. Let’s work closely together to refine your course, implement effective strategies, and ensure your online presence truly reflects your unique brand and expertise.

Tailored Packages for Course Creators: Choose from our range of tailored packages below designed specifically for course creators. Whether you’re just starting or looking to optimise an existing course, I have the perfect solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Ready to take your course creation journey to new heights? Contact me today to explore how I can support you in realising your vision and making a lasting impact through your online courses.

The page was so professional and well-made that even I wanted to buy my own program by the time I finished reading it!

I highly recommend Gail from The Visibility Collective!  She built a professional sales funnel for my online business, as well as guided me through the full launch sequence for our initial product launch.  She is very easy to communicate with and is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of web design, sales funnels and product launches. She completely exceeded our expectations. The page was so professional and well-made that even I wanted to buy my own program by the time I finished reading it!

She broke down the full launch into a step-by-step process and provided clear guidance along the way to ensure we were ready to launch on time and get our product on the market in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.  If you are looking to build a professional online sales funnel for your business or launch a new product, you won’t go wrong with Gail!

Tammy Oldham

Health Coach

Packages for Course Creators



My services are fully customisable to suit your specific needs as a course creator. Whether you require assistance with course development, platform setup, marketing, or ongoing support, I’m here to help you bring your online course vision to life.

Explore our full range of services and programs for course creators and take the next step towards building a profitable and impactful online course business.

Course Creation & Design

Bring your course ideas to life with professionally designed and styled course and membership sites.

Here’s what’s included.

Sales Funnel Builds

Create high-converting sales pages and funnels that guide potential students through a seamless enrollment process.

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Pinterest Accounts & Marketing Strategy

Leverage the power of Pinterest to drive traffic and expand the reach of your online courses.

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List Building Foundations

Grow your email list and attract quality leads with effective strategies tailored for course creators.

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Programs for Course Creators

VIP Business Launch Experience For Course Creators

Are you a course creator or infopreneur who is starting from scratch or looking to rebrand and upgrade your online presence? If you’re seeking a streamlined system and a brand that stands out, the complete Done-for-You Package is designed just for you.

Unlock the potential of your expertise and create a thriving online business with this comprehensive package. From establishing your brand identity to setting up the essential elements, I provide everything you need to succeed.

With the complete business setup, tailored specifically for course creators and infopreneurs, you’ll have a solid foundation to showcase your knowledge and attract eager learners. Let me handle the technical details while you focus on sharing your valuable insights.

It’s time to transform your ideas into a successful online venture. Get started with our Done-for-You Package and unlock your potential as a course creator.

Please note: Customised options are available based on your unique requirements.

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Visible Launch Framework

Unlock the Path to a Successful Launch

Transform Your Idea into an Irresistible Offer From concept to completion, this Launch program offers a comprehensive solution for course creators. I provide end-to-end support, guiding you through full product creation and implementing a high-impact launch strategy tailored to your target audience.

The Visible Launch Framework empowers you with a customised launch framework to implement, along with expertly executed, done-for-you projects that cover all the essential elements of a successful launch.

This program is ideal for course creators who have a course or digital product in mind and are eager to launch in the coming months but need professional assistance to bring their vision to life and achieve a successful launch.

Let me help you turn your ideas into a captivating offer and execute a launch strategy that captures the attention of your ideal audience.

If you’re ready to take your course or digital product to new heights, our Launch program is designed to propel your success.

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