Unlock the Secrets to Sales Funnels

Funnel Flow Masterplan

A Personalised 1:1 Learning Path to Sales Funnels

Unlock the Secrets to Sales Funnels

Funnel Flow Masterplan

A Personalised 1:1 Learning Path to Sales Funnels


Personalised Sales Funnel Training

You’ve heard the buzz around sales funnels – these magical pathways designed to guide potential clients right into the heart of your business. But when it comes to setting one up? It’s like trying to decipher hieroglyphics in a digital maze. Tools, tactics, tripwires… Oh my! You know they’re essential, but it’s overwhelming to even know where to start.

Here’s the truth: Funnels aren’t just about flashy tech tools or jazzy jargon. They’re about creating a journey – one that takes potential clients by the hand and introduces them to what you have to offer, nurturing that relationship every step of the way.

Enter the Funnel Flow Masterplan, my personalised sales funnel training. This isn’t just a cursory glance at sales funnels; it’s a deep dive into creating, implementing, and refining a funnel tailored perfectly to your business. It’s about learning the strategies, understanding the mechanics, and getting hands-on experience so that you can create a seamless, effective funnel that aligns with your vision. With personalised 1:1 training, I’ll guide you through the maze, simplifying the intricate and making it actionable.

Your online business deserves more than a shot in the dark. It needs a clear, well-lit path leading right to its core. The Funnel Flow Masterplan is designed to illuminate that path, ensuring every step you take is confident, calculated, and cohesive.

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Funnel Flow Masterplan


Navigating the world of sales funnels might seem like taking a trip without a map. But with the right guidance, it can become a journey where every twist, turn, and pitstop is strategically planned. The Funnel Flow Masterplan is your comprehensive guide through this journey, designed to make the seemingly complex, utterly streamlined. With personalised, hands-on guidance, this program ensures you won’t just understand sales funnels—you’ll master them.

What’s Included:

    • Blueprint Creation: We’ll kick things off by outlining your unique funnel strategy, ensuring we tailor it specifically to your offer type, target audience and business objectives.

    • Tool Familiarisation: Dive into the must-have tools for funnel creation. Understand each one’s purpose and how it fits into your funnel blueprint.

    • Your Offer: Craft an irresistible offer that pulls potential clients into your funnel and sets the stage for the journey ahead.

    • Landing & Sales Page Design: Learn the ins and outs of creating compelling pages that not only look good but convert like crazy.

    • Email Sequence Integration: Set up sequences that nurture, inform, and guide leads deeper into your funnel, building trust along the way.

    • A/B Testing & Optimisation: Understand the art of testing different funnel elements, allowing you to refine and enhance your strategy continually.

    • Follow-Up Strategies: Grasp the importance of post-conversion strategies, ensuring every lead is maximised to its full potential.

Investment: $250/2hr session or $800 – 4 session bundle


What if I’m a total newbie?
This training is tailored to fit your knowledge level, whether you’re a newbie or someone with a bit of funnel experience.

Do I need to purchase any tools beforehand?
No, we’ll discuss the best tools for your needs during the session. No prior purchases are required.

Can I get a recording of the training?
Absolutely! Every session is recorded, ensuring you can revisit any section at your leisure.


Slots for the Funnel Flow Masterplan are limited to ensure focused, high-quality training. Secure your spot!