Experience-First Design: Where Your Users Come First

I’m certified in sales funnel strategy, copy and design.

In the digital world, making a real splash means more than just looking good—it’s about creating genuine connections. Here at The Visibility Collective, I’m all about putting your audience’s experience in the spotlight. Think of it as designing with heart and strategy, making sure every click brings them closer to what they need, want, and love.

Here’s the Difference Experience-First Design Makes:

  • Readability That Rocks: Because if your audience can’t zip through your content with ease, what’s the point? I use specific design rules to ensure content is not only readable but also engaging, allowing users to absorb information faster and more effectively.
  • Simple Yet Smart: Complex doesn’t have to mean complicated. I break down the big ideas into bite-sized pieces your audience will get and love.
  • No More Guesswork: Every button and banner is placed with a purpose. I guide your visitors smoothly from “Just looking” to “Take my money!”
  • All About the Audience: It’s their experience, after all. Every design choice is about making their journey rewarding.

Why It’s Everything:

It’s not just about creating spaces online; it’s about shaping experiences that stick. Whether it’s a webpage or a sales funnel, I’m here to make sure your digital presence does more than just exist—it engages, persuades, and delights.

Ready to See the Magic in Action?

Dive into my portfolio to check out how Experience-First Design has transformed brands and sparked success stories. Keen to give your digital strategy a user-focused upgrade? Let’s chat.

The Thought Edit

Launching The Thought Edit as a startup was a comprehensive project that spanned from branding to the development of an effective online presence. Our collaboration focused on creating a modern, functional website and optimising social media platforms to engage their target audience. We delved deep into defining their unique selling proposition (USP) and identifying their ideal client avatar (ICA), laying the foundation for tailored content and marketing strategies. A significant part of our strategy involved designing and implementing lead generation and webinar funnels, complemented by email marketing and list-building efforts. This holistic approach ensured The Thought Edit’s brand not only launched successfully but also continued to grow and resonate with its audience, setting it on a path to making a significant impact as a mindset coaching brand.

This website is hosted and maintained by The Visibility Collective.

I engaged The Visibility Collective for my coaching business and due to work and family commitments I needed a Done For You service. I didn’t have time to learn all the other “hats” including the marketing side of things. So TVC helped me with the strategy, funnel, website redesign, social media optimisation etc etc. Nothing was too much trouble, the process was seamless and Gail truly went above and beyond. She is so clearly passionate about what she does and all of her products and guides are jam packed with so much information. It has been a pleasure working with you Gail, thank you for all the work you did for my business.

– Lisa

See the full  case study here

Golden Rose Cancer Collective

Professional, inviting WordPress website for a not-for-profit charitable health and wellness business. Simple and to the point, this is an informational website focusing on inviting interest from professionals, volunteers & beneficiaries to join their amazing cause.

This website is hosted and maintained by The Visibility Collective.

“Gail is an absolute genius in all areas of website design and online marketing. I never understood the power of funnel marketing before I worked with Gail. She explains all of the stuff, most small business owners like myself find very confusing, in such a clear way. I highly recommend her services. She has just created the most amazing website for my charity and I could not be happier. Reach out to Gail today you won’t be sorry!”

– Faye

Dee-Luxe Hair & Beauty Boutique

I did a complete rebrand of a website after the original brand was sold (see original below) to new owners. The original layout stayed the same. I changed the branding, updated the header to suit the new salon, and updated the About page and copy to reflect the new brand.

A new section on the About page was added to ‘meet the staff’ and I added another services page to add in their new Beauty services as well as their hair services.

Overall, even though the original wireframe did not change much, the updates have given the website a completely different look and feel that reflects this awesome new branding.

This website is hosted and maintained by The Visibility Collective.

“Gail has helped me so much with changing business names and helping me through Web design as well as product and service launches.  I had no idea what to do, or how to change so many things. I owe it all to the genius Gail. I will be forever grateful. She continues to have my back when I have no idea about technology & she gets it sorted. Thank you so much, I  appreciate all you have done. Please give her a chance to give your business success.”

Dee Bousen

Dee-Luxe Hair and Beauty Boutique

Jazzy Lane Hair Studio

Modern, minimal WordPress Website Design for local luxury hairstylist – Jazzy Lane Hair Studio. Simple and stylish website design focusing on premium hair experiences for the salon’s guests. We also introduced the turquoise colour to break up the previous brand colour palette of red and black. Other projects included the optimisation of social media platforms with a choice of two Facebook Covers.

This business was sold and rebranded (see above).

Moonbar Moments

Elegant, modern WordPress Website Design for an Event Stylist – Moonbar Moments. This brand screams luxury, so the website was designed to reflect that. This luxurious website design focuses on ensuring their clients will have their special events memorable and everything they envision when they work with them. We also introduced the silver & cream colours to add more luxury to the previous brand’s colour palette.  

The Patchwork Angel

Bright, fun WordPress Website Design for an e-commerce shop and branding – The Patchwork Angel. Feminine and vivid website design focuses on the products and the ideal customer to ensure the visitors have an enjoyable experience while shopping online. We also rebranded adding pinks to the bright turquoise already in use and modernising the logo that better reflect the brand. This new branding stands out and is easily recognised. Brand collateral was also created, including business cards, social media graphics, an email newsletter header, a printable newsletter template, product tags, a magazine ad, thank you cards, stickers, a ‘with compliments’ card, a printable timetable, voucher, gift guides, hang tags, flyers & instruction booklet. Other projects include; marketing, social media, email newsletters, opt-in funnels, and platform optimisation.

“Gail has helped my business immensely. When I started with her I had a good amount of social media followers and good numbers in my mailing lists however I had no idea of what to do to engage with them. With her help, we now have regular newsletters, new sales and marketing funnels and a social media presence that stands out. Her knowledge of all things website, marketing and social media is second to known. I can not recommend her highly enough.”
– Gemma

Highfields Travel and Cruise

Vibrant WordPress Website Design for a local Travel Agency – Highfields Travel and Cruise. Adventurous, appealing website design focuses on ensuring travellers can find their perfect destination, letting the Designers of Travel at this travel agency treat their clients as family and plan everything for them so they can concentrate on daydreaming about their next holiday. 

This website is maintained by The Visibility Collective.

Mouse Traveller

Modern, fun WordPress Website Design for Specialist Travel Agency – Mouse Traveller. Dreamy & exciting is how to describe a Disney Holiday. And this website design reflects that and more, focusing on ensuring travellers can book and plan their perfect dream holiday.


The Breathing Leaf

Minimal, rustic WordPress website design for specialist plant shop – The Breathing Leaf. Simple and user-friendly website design focuses on the products and the plant enthusiasts who visit the website find what they are looking for fast and easily, the majority of whom are repeat customers. This brand was developed online by The Visibility Collective from scratch, including; the website, optimised social media platforms, branding and systems. Other projects include email marketing, social media creation and management, brand awareness, funnels, workflows and tech. 

The Shift Blueprint

Minimal, fresh FG Funnels website design for Wellness Coach – Amelia Geary. Simple and clean website design focuses on Amelia’s Coaching program – The Shift Blueprint and the benefits of working with her. The website is integrated with the evergreen webinar (free masterclass) registration page which leads to a full webinar funnel and a series of email workflows. I helped Amelia choose the right software for her digital assets and systems and coached her on how the evergreen funnel would work within that software. I also set up her coaching program and course content in the members’ area of FG Funnels. 

“Working with Gail at the Visibility Collective was a lifesaver!!!”

Trying to start a new online business can be so overwhelming, particularly when it comes to the automation and technology platforms you need to set up and market your business. That’s where the Visibility Collective came in!

Gail helped me choose the best platform for my business, streamline my services, design and build my website, develop my sales and webinar funnels, and create clean, automated, and professional communications with leads and clients. 

What’s more? She saved me months of trial and error, research and attempting to build solo. Months that I now get to dedicate to growing my business!”


Evergreen Webinar Registration Page (with pop-up form)

Flaming Good

Functional, modern WordPress website design for Catering Business – Flaming Good. This updated website design caters to prospective customers wanting quotes for their events, showing them that The Flaming Good Catering will make their special day one to remember with excellent service and a variety of delicious menus to choose from. 

The owners came to me wanting better systems in place to qualify their prospects on automation using funnels and workflows making it easier to quote and secure bookings consistently. Which is exactly what they have since achieved. Other projects included a full elegant sales page & funnel for their wedding services. 

This website is maintained by The Visibility Collective.

“Gail you do fabulous work – our business soared after working with you and I hope others get the benefit from your experience and expertise”
– Tony & Danielle
See Full Case Study here

L’il Stork Handcrafted Gifts

Vibrant, fun WordPress website design for e-commerce gift shop – L’il Stork Handcrafted Gifts. This inviting website focuses on fun products that are mostly one-of-a-kind and have been handmade with love. With custom-made items available, customers will love the feel of this bright, lively brand. The logo was current, so I took those colours and added some lighter shades and fun fonts to the branding. 

This website is maintained by The Visibility Collective.

Your Forever Day

Luxurious WordPress website design for wedding websites. This stylish, feminine website was designed with the audience in mind, focusing on unique websites designed specifically for individual couples so they can share their special story and engagement journey with friends and family.

The Visibility Collective hosts and maintains this website.

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