Visibility Framework

Increasing Traffic Through Brand Awareness, Online Visibility and Strategic Marketing

Visibility Framework


A high-impact, visible online presence is necessary to effectively reach new clients and provide an edge over the competition.

Grow A Business That Is Everything You Envision

Visibility Framework

The Visibility Framework

Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential: Personalised Marketing and Online Visibility Framework – a  program designed to elevate your business to new heights.

In this coaching and done-for-you program, we’ll work together to unlock the full potential of your business:

VVisible: I’ll optimise your online presence and create brand awareness, ensuring your business stands out.

IIdentify: Let’s get clear and identify your goals, vision, brand messaging, core values, and unique offerings. Discover what sets you apart and leverage it for success.

S – Strategy: We’ll refine your business strategy and marketing plan, providing a clear roadmap for your growth.

IIdeas:  Validate your ideas and turn them into reality with expert guidance and support.

B – Brand:  Build a powerful online presence that represents your company and creates a lasting impact on your audience.

IImprove: Enhance your digital skills and implement them effectively in your business.

LLaunch:  Strategically plan and execute growth strategies to deliver your offers to the right people.

IImplement: Streamline your online business with new systems to boost productivity and management efficiency.

TTarget Market:  Define and understand your target audience, their needs, beliefs, and objectives, allowing you to serve them better.

YYour Customer:  Elevate and implement a unique buying journey to enhance the customer experience and foster loyalty.

Through this program, you’ll have exclusive access to my expertise in handling your marketing, design, tech, and optimisation needs. As your dedicated partner, I will personally guide you to propel your business forward and achieve remarkable success. Together, we’ll ensure your online presence shines, your strategies excel, and your business emerges as a standout brand. Let’s embark on this journey of growth and success, with my personalised support tailored to your unique goals.

Experience a comprehensive program that goes beyond surface-level marketing tactics. Our Personalised Business Visibility Framework is designed to equip your online business with a powerful strategy and a solid foundation for growth.

A Personalised Experience: My Personalised Business Visibility Framework is tailor-made to supercharge your online presence and propel your business towards remarkable growth. Let’s dive deep into understanding your unique business, your ideal clients, and what sets you apart from the crowd.

Together, we’ll create a powerful marketing strategy that aligns with your vision and values. No more guesswork or mediocre messaging. We’re all about creating a lasting impact that resonates with your audience.

Boost Your Brand Awareness and Drive Business Growth: Watch your business flourish, and expand your reach like never before. My optimised marketing strategies and lead generation foundations will position you for unprecedented success.

Flexible Support Options:  Choose the support that fits your business journey best. This comprehensive 3-month program combines expert coaching and done-for-you services. Or opt for the monthly done-for-you projects or coaching-only program. The choice is yours, and I’m here to meet your specific needs.

Guided Transformation in 12 Weeks: Throughout this transformative journey, I’ll be right by your side, providing one-on-one guidance and support. Together, we’ll build a rock-solid framework, set achievable goals, and implement effective strategies that will elevate your business to new heights.

No more settling for mediocrity. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together and shape a thriving and impactful future for your business.

Unlock the full potential of your online business with my Personalised Marketing and Online Visibility Framework. It’s time to shine and leave a lasting mark in the digital world.

Ready to Take the Leap? You can apply now with no obligation to move forward, and I’ll get in touch to discuss how I can best support your unique business needs. Alternatively, if you’d like to see if we’re a good fit before making any commitments, you can book a call with me. I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Are you ready to make your business soar? Let’s make it happen.

Investment – From $2,500/month (3 months)

What We Can Cover

Step 1. Lay the Foundation for Success

  1. Business Review & Audit: We’ll conduct a thorough review and audit of your current business model, ensuring that we have a clear understanding of your existing operations, strengths, and areas for improvement.
  2. Target Market: Together, we’ll identify and define your ideal customer profile. By understanding your target market in-depth, we’ll uncover valuable insights that will guide your marketing efforts and customer engagement strategies.
  3. Offers, Products & Pricing: We’ll assess your offers, products, and pricing strategy to ensure they align with your business goals and target market. By optimising your offerings, we’ll position you for maximum value and profitability.
  4. Unique Selling Proposition: Discover what truly sets you apart from your competitors. We’ll help you articulate and refine your unique selling proposition (USP), highlighting the distinctive qualities that make your business stand out in the market.
  5. Brand Messaging: Crafting compelling brand messaging is crucial for effective communication. We’ll work together to develop a cohesive and resonant brand message that captivates your audience and reinforces your brand identity.
  6. Milestone Mapping: Mapping out milestones is essential for tracking progress and achieving your goals. We’ll collaboratively define milestones and create a roadmap that outlines the key steps and actions needed to reach them.

Step 2. Online Presence Optimisation

  1. Improve Branding Assets: If needed, we’ll enhance your branding assets to ensure they align with your overall brand identity and convey a professional and cohesive image to your target audience.
  2. Social Media Strategies: We’ll develop tailored social media strategies to elevate your online presence and engage with your audience effectively. This includes content planning, scheduling, and engagement to foster meaningful connections.
  3. Create consistent and visually appealing graphic templates: Consistency is key for building brand recognition. We’ll design custom graphic templates that maintain visual consistency and reflect your brand identity across various platforms, ensuring a cohesive and professional appearance.
  4. Implement an engaging content publishing and engagement plan: We’ll create a comprehensive plan for publishing content and engaging with your audience. This includes determining the optimal posting frequency, identifying relevant topics, and implementing engagement strategies to spark conversations and build relationships.
  5. Optimise existing digital assets for maximum visibility and impact: We’ll analyze your current digital assets, such as your website, landing pages, and social media profiles, and optimise them for better user experience, conversion rates, and search engine visibility.
  6. Implement email marketing campaigns to connect with your audience: We’ll help you establish a consistent email marketing strategy, delivering regular emails that engage, educate, and convert your subscribers. From welcome sequences to promotional campaigns, we’ll guide you in crafting compelling email content that drives results.
  7. Set weekly campaign goals for consistent growth and engagement: We’ll set clear goals and objectives for your weekly marketing campaigns, ensuring that each initiative is aligned with your overall business objectives and contributes to your brand awareness and visibility.

Step 3: Lead Generation Strategies

  1. Map Out Sales Funnels: We’ll work together to map out effective sales funnels that guide your audience from initial awareness to conversion. By strategically planning the customer journey, we’ll maximise lead generation and sales opportunities.
  2. Design and Build Out Sales Funnels: We’ll create and optimise sales funnels tailored to your business objectives, guiding potential customers through a seamless and persuasive buying journey. These funnels will maximise conversions and generate revenue for your business.
  3. Build an effective list-building and lead-nurturing system: We’ll implement strategies to grow your email subscriber list and nurture your leads. This includes developing lead magnets, designing opt-in forms, and creating effective email sequences that provide value and build trust with your audience.
  4. Develop strategic partnerships and collaborations: Identify potential partners or businesses that align with your target audience and have complementary products or services. Establish mutually beneficial collaborations where you can leverage each other’s audiences, resources, and expertise. 
  5. Create More Cash Flow with Paid Ads: We’ll explore paid advertising strategies that align with your business goals and target audience, allowing you to generate more traffic, leads, and sales. Our focus will be on optimising your ad campaigns to achieve a positive return on investment.

Step 4: Systems & Automation Implementation


  1. Build Out or Improve Systems: We’ll assess your current systems and processes and implement improvements or build new systems to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and support your business growth. This may include CRM implementation, project management tools, or automation platforms.
  2. Implement automation tools and platforms for efficiency: Identify opportunities to automate repetitive tasks and processes within your business. Integrate automation tools such as workflow automation, task management, and document management systems to reduce manual effort and increase productivity.
  3. Develop customer onboarding and support processes: We’ll work on improving the onboarding and customer service processes to ensure a positive and memorable experience for your customers. This includes streamlining communication, addressing pain points, and delivering exceptional support at every touchpoint
  4. Integrate CRM systems for streamlined customer management: We’ll implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system to centralise customer data, track interactions, and manage relationships effectively. Personalise communications, and automate follow-ups.
  5. Implement project management tools for better organisation: Adopt project management tools and methodologies to effectively plan, organise, and track projects. Use collaborative platforms that enable task management, team communication, and progress tracking to ensure timely completion of deliverables.
  6. Automate email marketing and follow-up sequences: Implement email marketing automation tools to create and automate personalized email campaigns. Develop follow-up sequences and nurture campaigns to engage with leads and customers at various stages of the customer journey.
  7. Utilise customer relationship management systems for lead tracking: Leverage CRM systems to track and manage leads throughout the sales process. Implement lead scoring mechanisms and automated lead nurturing workflows to identify and prioritise potential opportunities.
  8. Establish analytics and reporting systems for data-driven decision-making: Set up analytics and reporting systems to gather meaningful data on key business metrics. Use this data to gain insights into customer behaviour, marketing performance, and sales effectiveness, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimise your strategies.

Step 5. Growth & Scalability Strategies


  1. Implement a Unique Buying Journey: We’ll craft a unique and engaging buying journey for your customers, ensuring that each step is designed to maximise their satisfaction and increase their likelihood of making repeat purchases or referrals.
  2. Analyze customer data and feedback to refine your offerings: Gather and analyze customer data and feedback to understand their needs, preferences, and pain points. Use this information to refine and enhance your products or services, ensuring they align with customer expectations.
  3. Validate Ideas for Upsells & Elevated Offers: We’ll collaborate to identify opportunities for upsells and elevated offers that can enhance the value and profitability of your business. By validating these ideas, we’ll create additional revenue streams and increase customer lifetime value.
  4. Brainstorm Scaling Strategies: Based on your unique business model, we’ll brainstorm and develop customised scaling strategies that align with your vision and objectives. These strategies may involve expanding into new markets, diversifying your offerings, or exploring strategic partnerships.
  5. Implement customer referral and loyalty programs: Develop strategies to foster customer loyalty and retention. Implement loyalty and referral programs, exclusive offers, or personalised experiences to incentivise repeat business and strengthen customer relationships.
  6. Plan for Growth: We’ll work together to create a comprehensive growth plan that outlines the steps and milestones necessary to achieve your business expansion goals. This plan will provide a clear roadmap for scaling your business in a sustainable and strategic manner.

Step 6: Ongoing Support & Optimisation

Throughout the program, you’ll receive ongoing support, guidance, and optimisation to ensure the continued success of your business. We’ll monitor key metrics, analyze data, and make necessary adjustments to maximize your results and adapt to changing market conditions.

What’s Included: Coaching

  • Personalised Onboarding: We’ll start with a one-on-one call to customise your framework and understand your specific business needs and goals.
  • Weekly Coaching Calls: Enjoy weekly 1-hour private coaching sessions conducted over Zoom. Each session will focus on a specific area of your business, providing actionable steps for implementation between sessions.
  • Dedicated Communication Channel: Gain access to a private Slack channel for seamless communication throughout the program. You can ask questions, seek support, and even submit work for critique in-between coaching sessions.
  • Comprehensive Business Audit: I’ll conduct a thorough audit of your business, identifying areas for improvement and offering valuable recommendations to enhance your overall strategy.
  • Goal Setting and Planning: Together, we’ll establish both weekly and monthly goals, ensuring you stay on track and make steady progress towards your desired outcomes.
  • Content and Publishing Strategy: We’ll collaborate on mapping out a strategic content and publishing plan to boost brand awareness and engage your target audience effectively.

What’s Included: Done For You

  • Branding Assets Update: If needed, I’ll refresh and update your branding assets to ensure they align with your brand identity and messaging.
  • Branded Social Media Templates: Receive professionally designed social media templates that reflect your brand, enabling you to maintain a consistent visual presence across your digital platforms.
  • Optimisation of Digital Platforms: I’ll update and optimise all your digital platforms, ensuring they are user-friendly, visually appealing, and optimised for conversions.
  • Lead Magnet Creation: Benefit from an optimised lead magnet, strategically designed to attract and capture leads in your target market.
  • Lead Funnel and Email Welcome Sequence: I’ll build a highly effective lead funnel and create an engaging email welcome sequence, nurturing your leads and guiding them towards conversion.
  • System Set-up and Improvement: I’ll assist in setting up or enhancing your current systems, streamlining your business processes for improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Sales Funnel and Workflow Development: Enjoy the creation and implementation of customised sales funnels and workflows to maximise conversions and sales.
  • Ongoing Email and Content Marketing: I’ll handle your email and content marketing efforts, crafting compelling messages and valuable content to engage and nurture your audience.
  • Tech and Automation Assistance: Get support with tech and automation, leveraging tools and strategies to simplify your business operations and enhance scalability.
  • Additional Graphics: I’ll provide any additional graphics you may need, ensuring your visual assets align with your brand and resonate with your audience.
  • Monthly Reports and Insights: Receive comprehensive monthly reports and insights, allowing you to track your progress, identify trends, and make informed business decisions.

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